Specialty Care

We’re committed to comprehensive, compassionate care right in your neighborhood. Part of that commitment includes access to select specialists right under our roof.

These professionals address specific concerns that often come up for our patients and may need additional expertise. This makes it easy, convenient, and affordable to treat some of our patients’ most common concerns.

For additional care not available within our walls, we can refer you to other nearby experts and specialists. No matter what you need, we’ll make sure it’s taken care of.

Nutrition and Weight Management

Learn to nourish yourself and your family with delicious and healthy foods. Our nutrition experts are here to help you find a way of eating that both your body and your taste buds will celebrate. Whether your goal is to prevent disease or to treat an existing condition, let us show you that food is one of the best medicines.


Your feet work hard supporting you, so podiatrists work hard to take care of them! Trained to recognize and treat many types of foot ailments, our podiatrists have the expertise required to keep you moving. For patients with diabetes, yearly foot checks are imperative.