Gracelight is proud to offer vision care as part of our commitment to complete and comprehensive health services. Whether you already wear glasses or have never received an eye exam before, we help protect and care for your eyesight.

Early detection is important, because many vision problems start out mild and get worse gradually over time. By the time symptoms like trouble driving at night or headaches set in, vision may have already been declining for some time. Regular vision exams can detect problems before they even become noticeable. Earlier treatment leads to fewer interventions and better long-term vision overall.

In the case of children, early detection is very important since eye problems can lead to trouble with reading and focusing, which impacts school performance. Sometimes behavior problems can even be traced back to poor eyesight.

Our eye exams are simple, painless, and low-cost. The doctor will review family history, check for muscle function, see how accurately your eyes can make out shapes, colors, and distance, and make sure the structure of the eye is sound. The results of the exam will be shared with you, including whether or not you may need prescription eyeglasses or readers.