Committed to Caregiving

Gracelight Community Health exist so our neighbors can grow and flourish.

Gracelight is a safe place where we welcome you with open arms. When you speak, we listen. Your concerns are our concerns. We treat each patient as an individual worthy of respect, compassion, and attention. From the first phone call until long after you return home, our lasting impression is one of loving care. When individuals are healthy, happy, and whole, it lifts the entire community.

Our Purpose

We believe that everyone is entitled to quality healthcare, delivered with skill, compassion, and dignity. There’s nothing you have to do or be to deserve a healthy life. That’s why we provide complete and comprehensive health services for all, regardless of ability to pay.

We are a federal qualified health center. This means insurance status and family income do not impact the care you receive. Our centers are staffed with highly trained medical professionals and fees for care are based on what you can afford. We are controlled by a board of directors with a patient majority.

We are a patient-centered medical home. The patient experience is our north star in coordinating primary care. We focus on improved quality, build better relationships between providers and patients, and put patient needs front and center—all while reducing costs.

Our Mission

Gracelight is a haven where care and respect, and are given freely without question. We treat the whole human. If you need help—or anything else—you can come here.

We seek to constantly raise the bar on our standard of care. We strive for innovation at every turn from patient engagement to technology. It is our privilege to grant universal access to quality healthcare.

Compassionate, complete, and comprehensive care: it’s more than a job. It’s our calling.

Our Vision

Our patients are people, not numbers. Your needs and concerns matter as much to us as any symptom or mark on a medical chart. That’s why education and advocacy are a big piece of how we carry out our mission.

Our Los Angeles neighbors come to us when they need a guide, an advocate, and a safe space. We are the neighborhood healthcare homebase.