Gracelight Community Health

Dear Neighbors,

Welcome to Gracelight Community Health! We are Los Angeles’ home for compassionate and comprehensive health and wellness services. Our healthcare philosophy is rooted in connection, compassion, and quality care for all. We aim to shine a light on the best care possible that affirms and uplifts our patients.

Our organization has deep ties to the Los Angeles community that span more than 125 years. The legacy of our organization is built on the initial vision of the Franciscan Sisters and our enduring commitment to providing care for all, regardless of patient income, insurance or immigration status.

We are a Federally Qualified Health Center with five locations throughout the communities of Los Angeles, serving the patients that have the most to gain from quality medical care. We advocate for improved health and wellness for all. Education and empowerment are important components of the care we provide. Healing is not just a measure of being free from disease, but of thriving in health and in life. We know that families and community play a big role in wellness, and Gracelight exists to nourish and enrich those systems in our community.

We were founded on the belief in a higher power, and our promise is to uplift the community through loving care. When you walk through the doors of any of our health centers, we want you to know that you belong here, that you will be heard, validated, and respected as individuals.

We look forward to serving you and your family with dignity.

In good health,

Eloisa Perard
CEO, Gracelight Community Health