Health Management

We understand that our patients who are living with a chronic health condition could use a little extra support. Our goal is not just to treat symptoms, but to empower patients to build a healthy, sustainable lifestyle. Health Management care lessens the impact of chronic disease on your daily activities and sense of well-being.

We work hand-in-hand with you to learn your personal goals and make a holistic health plan to reach them. Counseling in a one-on-one or group setting helps you understand the condition and what causes it. Then we show you how to monitor the condition, which medications may provide the most support and relief, and the right way to use them. We help you discover foods that nourish you and movement you enjoy so that you feel your best.

Chronic conditions can be a challenge, but it doesn’t have to derail or dull your life. Every Gracelight location is equipped to coordinate, train, and manage an ongoing health issue in lockstep with you.

Care Coordinator

Care Coordinators are expert health consultants, dedicated to education and patient support. They provide group and individual guidance on chronic health conditions like diabetes and asthma. Your care coordinator works in tandem with you to set goals and take action to meet them.

Education is a major piece of the puzzle. A care coordinator helps patients understand their condition, and helps train on practical concerns such as how to self-administer insulin, selecting a way to monitor blood sugar that works for you, or how to use an inhaler.

They coordinate care with other professionals like pharmacists, medical providers, and specialists to make sure your needs are met. They can recommend other Gracelight programs such as smoking cessation or exercise and nutrition. They can even connect with external community resources for needs such as food, clothing, and tutoring.

Care coordinators make it their mission to give you the right tools you need for a vibrant, healthy lifestyle. Think of them as your advocate and partner-in-health.

Diabetes Management

Diabetes affects millions of Americans every year, but managing this condition isn’t as simple as it sounds. The needs of each patient depend on a complex web of factors, including age, lifestyle, other health conditions, family history, and more.

Gracelight Care Coordinators provide both expertise and unwavering support for our diabetes patients. We understand the intricacies of managing this condition, and are dedicated to providing tailored support that blends professional knowledge with personal goals and preferences.

We believe the most successful approach is one that gives you ownership of your health. That’s why we treat management of diabetes as a partnership between patient and provider. Whether it’s crafting a nutrition plan, coordinating multiple medications, or monitoring for complications like blood pressure and kidney disease, our commitment is to help each patient feel informed and empowered. We strive to share the journey toward a healthy and fulfilling life every step of the way.

Asthma Management

Your asthma management plan is a roadmap to breathing easier. We are committed to making sure each patient understands their condition and is equipped with the best way to control chronic symptoms and to prevent and treat exacerbation. This might include learning about underlying causes, what factors improve symptoms or make them worse, and available treatment options.

We work with you on an asthma action plan that takes into account the unique factors of your case, including age, severity, and response to various medications. We can recommend therapies and treatments that reduce the risk of asthma attacks, decline in lung function, or unwanted side effects. Most importantly, we provide support and encouragement that builds confidence and assurance.

Well-managed asthma means full participation in life—school, work, sports, and play don’t have to be put on hold.