Our History


The Society of El Hogar Feliz Orphanage (Happy Home) was founded to care for the abandoned and neglected children of Los Angeles.


New Hospital

The Franciscan Sisters of the Sacred Heart made space for the small clinic in their new hospital, Queen of Angels.


Clinic Moved

The Sisters moved the clinic to its present location adjacent to St. Anne’s Maternity Home in the Echo Park area of Los Angeles.



For financial reasons, the Sisters transferred control of the Franciscan Clinic to Queen of Angels-Hollywood Presbyterian Medical Center.



The medical center was sold, and its corporate name was changed to QueensCare. The Franciscan Clinic was combined with QueensCare’s other community clinics in the Wilshire District and Hollywood under the name Franciscan Clinics dba QueensCare Family Clinics.


Newly Appointed Board

QueensCare turned over control of the Clinics to a newly appointed, independent, self-perpetuating board so that the Clinics could qualify as a Federally Qualified Health Center (FQHC).


New Partnership

Upon becoming a federally qualified health center, QueensCare Health Centers operated as a separate partner organization with QueensCare, sharing the mission of bringing healthcare to the underserved in our community.


QueensCare Family Clinics

The Franciscan Clinics name was dropped, and the corporate name was changed to QueensCare Family Clinics. Until now, the 501(c)(3) non-profit organization was known as Franciscan Clinics dba QueensCare Family Clinics.


QueensCare Health Centers

QueensCare Family Clinics is renamed Queenscare Health Centers. The five centers provide healthcare to a growing number of underserved Los Angeles residents regardless of race, religion, ethnicity, insurance status, or ability to pay.


Health Centers Partnership

The Health Centers and QueensCare ended their partnership to enable each to adapt more effectively to the evolving healthcare landscape and meet the changing needs of our community. Each organization remains dedicated to enhancing the health and well-being of the Los Angeles community. We establish a new and unique identity as Gracelight Community Health, a name that reflects our renewed focus and vision.


New Name

Gracelight Community Health launches as a new name and vision in community healthcare in Los Angeles. As the organization rebrands under this new name it remains committed to its mission and values of faith, grace, kindness, and serving the community with dignity.