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Arutperunjyothi  Arutperunjyothi

Thanipperungkarunai  Arutperunjyothi







Who can become a member?
All can become a member to follow the Grace Principle and the ideals of Vallalar's Suddha Sanmargam and pursue and attain a blissful Supernal Life.

What can a member do?
    ■    A member may offer voluntary service
    ■    A member may offer veg-food to the needy and may collectively organise food offering
    ■    A member may organise study class of Spirituality, Sanmargam, Thiruarutpa, Vallalar

    ■    A member can take part in a collective movement of the divine order    
    ■    A member should become a living example of the Sanmarga Ideals

    ■    A member may support the Supernal Life activities 


What can a member get?

        Taking part in the activities of The Supernal Life would help a member to grow spiritually

    ■    A member will receive spiritual service (like spiritual guiding messages) from The Supernal Life

       that would support his progressive evolvement to the blissful Supernal Life






There is no fee for becoming a member


GraceLight.Org does not charge fees for any of its services offered – it is non-commercial activities and it offers only free services – service as an offering to the Divine Cause – the spiritual service.


Let's stay connected


Thank you for visiting GraceLight.Org website. It is good that you are visiting GraceLight.Org; we have been expecting you here.  It has been planned to update the content of GraceLight.Org regularly. Do please see it from time to time – please! do visit all the pages and keep on visiting on a regular basis to know about the Supernal Life (a divine life in a deathless body)  may it be most supportive to your self-development and progressive evolvement of your life – pursuing and attaining the blissful Supernal Life in the leading Light of the Vallalar by the Grace of the Supreme. A life in progress towards the deathless Supernal Life is a life worth pursuing to become Divine follow sincerely the path of divine evolution to grow into the Divine Gnosis and become a deathless divine being or gnostic being, that is your divine destiny – in your sincerity you will find the helping Hand of the Divine to raise you to the Supreme Divinity.


Have a life in progress and fulfillment of life in the Divine!

Live a fulfilling life of divine purpose blissfully!

Live a blissful Supernal Life eternally!



We offer our infinite gratitude to the Arutperunjyothi Almighty – the Lord of the Supreme-Grace-Light

and to the sanmarga master Vallalar, the deathless divine being of the Supreme-Grace-Light.


Glory to the Arutperunjyothi Almighty!

Glory to the deathless divine master Vallalar!

May all beings receive the Grace-Light and live blissfully!


Arutperunjyothi  Arutperunjyothi

Thanipperungkarunai  Arutperunjyothi



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