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Arutperunjyothi  Arutperunjyothi

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 Contact for Service and SUPPORT



Sincere volunteers please do approach GraceLight.Org for offering your voluntary service.


Please do consider in what way you can participate in supporting the work and service of GraceLight.Org


Offering voluntary service serves the great divine purpose – service as an offering to the Divine Cause of the Arutperunjyothi Almighty. The divine service helps the both – the one who offers the service and the one who receives the service. It is the blessings of the Grace for the both to meet their needs – it serves spiritually the common weal.



The divine service helps one open to the Divine and in the divine service, the Divine provides one with means for the self-development and self-perfection, in this way one can progress – that may sound individualistic but it is not, for each individual progress truly helps the collective progress too of the world at large.


And also offering service is to express one’s gratitude to the Arutperunjyothi Almighty (the Supreme-Grace-Light Almighty God) and the deathless sanmarga master Vallalar for the Divine Guidance to lead oneself in the path of the Supreme-Grace-Light – the Suddha Sanmargam pathway to the Supreme Being and to attain the Godhood and the boon of deathlessness and live blissfully a Supernal Life in an imperishable divine Form of the Supreme-Grace-Light embodying and manifesting the divine Truth-Consciousness – that is the Supreme Grace of the Arutperunjyothi Almighty. Vallalar says that the compassionate Lord of the Supreme-Grace-Light bestows the Grace on those who offer their divine service sincerely – completely offering all of oneself to the Supreme Lord Arutperunjyothi.


A great generosity of spirit helps you get the Divine Grace. A great spirit of service helps you get the Divine Help. You shall have a great joy and inner satisfaction in offering yourself to the Divine and putting yourself at the disposal of the Divine – you can see the luminous change in your life. Supporting the Divine Cause helps you get the supernal Blessings of the Divine and the divine Blessings help you do well in your life.


The question of inability to offer service and support should never deter anyone from attending to the spiritual development – the activities of GraceLight.Org. All are welcome to follow the Grace Principle.



GraceLight.Org does not charge fees for any of its services offered – it is non-commercial activities and it offers only free services – service as an offering to the Divine Cause – the spiritual service.


Let's stay connected


Thank you for visiting GraceLight.Org website. It is good that you are visiting GraceLight.Org; we have been expecting you here.  It has been planned to update the content of GraceLight.Org regularly. Do please see it from time to time – please! do visit all the pages and keep on visiting on a regular basis to know about the Supernal Life (a divine life in a deathless body)  may it be most supportive to your self-development and progressive evolvement of your life – pursuing and attaining the blissful Supernal Life in the leading Light of the Vallalar by the Grace of the Supreme. A life in progress towards the deathless Supernal Life is a life worth pursuing to become Divine follow sincerely the path of divine evolution to grow into the Divine Gnosis and become a deathless divine being or gnostic being, that is your divine destiny – in your sincerity you will find the helping Hand of the Divine to raise you to the Supreme Divinity.


Have a life in progress and fulfillment of life in the Divine!

Live a fulfilling life of divine purpose blissfully!

Live a blissful Supernal Life eternally!



We offer our infinite gratitude to the Arutperunjyothi Almighty – the Lord of the Supreme-Grace-Light

and to the sanmarga master Vallalar, the deathless divine being of the Supreme-Grace-Light.


Glory to the Arutperunjyothi Almighty!

Glory to the deathless divine master Vallalar!

May all beings receive the Grace-Light and live blissfully!


Arutperunjyothi  Arutperunjyothi

Thanipperungkarunai  Arutperunjyothi



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