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Arutperunjyothi  Arutperunjyothi

Thanipperungkarunai  Arutperunjyothi



Rise to the deathless Supernal Life in the Supreme-Grace-Light


The birth of a being on Earth is meant for progress of life – to become a divine being and manifest the Divine in life. The human birth is the most helpful one, for a human being can become a divine being – a divine life in a deathless body. Therefore, taking birth as a human being proves a boon for you to become divine in this life. The aim is to refound life in the truth of immortal Divine Nature, – the sufferings and aging and disease and death are annihilated in the Supreme-Grace-Light and the true life is blissfully established in the divine Truth-Consciousness. Therefore, be faithful to the Supreme-Grace-Light and do not allow ignorantly the illusion of falsehood and the wrong pleasures of falsehood to spoil life. Cling to the Supreme Truth and grow into the Divine Gnosis – the gnostic evolution in which one grows into a gnostic life in a causal body of gnosis.


The Earth is a place for progress of life ­– to transform the human life into the divine life upon Earth. A life in progress towards the deathless Supernal Life [The supremely Greater Life or The Divine Life] is a life worth pursuing to become Divine. The progress of your life and your transformation can happen more swiftly by consciously opening your entire being to the Arut-Perun-Jyothi [Supreme-Grace-Light] and its evolutionary Force that works for your evolvement – to become a deathless divine being or a gnostic being. You are not born to suffer and die. You are not what you have been; you are what you can become – you are destined to become the deathless divine being, your human birth is meant for that – to become an immortal being, a supernal being of Light and Delight. Take sincerely the path of divine evolution to attain the immortality – your true divine destiny.


The divine master Ramalinga Vallalar, the deathless divine being of the Supreme-Grace-Light, has put before you the greatest ideal that you need to envisage as the ultimate pursuit of life – the blissful living of the Supernal Life in a deathless divine body embodying and manifesting the divine Truth-Consciousness in the Supreme-Grace-Light with all the divine Siddhis – the divine Gnostic Life. The deathless divine master Ramalinga Vallalar has realised the greatest ideal himself first and then not only put the greatest ideal before you but also leads you with the Will of the Divine to attain it – a blissful Supernal Life in an imperishable form of the supreme Grace-Light for the eternal living. May you sincerely seek and attain the supreme Divinity – Vallalar says that the one who has a deathless Body like the Sun is the one who has supreme Divinity (The Supreme Divine is the Sun). Every individual’s divine realisation and divine transformation would help the transformation of the world – the transformative divine movement – raising the world to the Divine in the Supreme-Grace-Light.


The deathless divine master Ramalinga Vallalar affirms that the Divine is One and the One Divine is in the Form of Light, and he calls the Divine (the Supreme Being of Light who bestows the Divine Grace out of infinite Compassion) as the Arut-Perun-Jyothi Andavar (the Divine Lord of the Supreme-Grace-Light) – the Divine Truth. There is only one God who is All, the immanent Divine Arutperunjyothi – the omnipotent, the omniscient and the omnipresence Divine Lord Arutperunjyothi – the Supreme Reality.


The Supreme Divine Arutperunjyothi alone has the power to transform you into a deathless divine being of the Supreme-Grace-Light – transforming mortal life to immortal life. Therefore, Vallalar says that you must ardently adore the One Divine Arutperunjyothi with soul-love and completely open yourself only to the Arutperunjyothi Almighty for attaining the blissful Life Divine – the deathless Supernal Life. Vallalar asks you to become the embodiment of Divine Compassion and follow the Grace-Light Principle in order to become Divine – for the Divine Compassion and the Divine Principle shall raise you to the supreme summit of the Divine. Vallalar says that you should completely surrender and supplicate the Supreme Lord – the Arutperunjyothi Almighty for Him to bestow the Supreme Grace on you to attain the Supernal Life. This is Suddha Sanmargam, the supreme path of the Truth bestowed by the Lord of the Supreme-Grace-Light and the deathless sanmarga master Vallalar leads the Suddha Sanmargam as willed by the Supreme Lord. May you follow the Suddha Sanmargam and reach your divine destiny and live eternally a blissful immortal life – the Supernal Life in a sempiternal form of supreme Grace-Light. May Arutperunjyothi bless you. May all beings live blissfully!



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Thank you for visiting GraceLight.Org website. It is good that you are visiting GraceLight.Org; we have been expecting you here.  It has been planned to update the content of GraceLight.Org regularly. Do please see it from time to time – please! do visit all the pages and keep on visiting on a regular basis to know about the Supernal Life (a divine life in a deathless body)  may it be most supportive to your self-development and progressive evolvement of your life – pursuing and attaining the blissful Supernal Life in the leading Light of the Vallalar by the Grace of the Supreme. A life in progress towards the deathless Supernal Life is a life worth pursuing to become Divine follow sincerely the path of divine evolution to grow into the Divine Gnosis and become a deathless divine being or gnostic being, that is your divine destiny – in your sincerity you will find the helping Hand of the Divine to raise you to the Supreme Divinity.


Have a life in progress and fulfillment of life in the Divine!

Live a fulfilling life of divine purpose blissfully!

Live a blissful Supernal Life eternally!



We offer our infinite gratitude to the Arutperunjyothi Almighty – the Lord of the Supreme-Grace-Light

and to the sanmarga master Vallalar, the deathless divine being of the Supreme-Grace-Light.


Glory to the Arutperunjyothi Almighty!

Glory to the deathless divine master Vallalar!

May all beings receive the Grace-Light and live blissfully!


Arutperunjyothi  Arutperunjyothi

Thanipperungkarunai  Arutperunjyothi



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